Water Scarcity: Lake Mead is extremely low right now. To fix this we need to reallocate funding and resources on the Colorado River and fund new conservation programs and update infrastructure in Nevada.

Election Integrity: Voter ID. Other countries use voter ID very well with no problems. Nevada can too. No more ballot harvesting and limited mail in voting.

Abolishing the State Gas Tax: With record high gas prices we need to abolish the state gas tax to put more money back in the pockets of the people in Nevada.

School Choice: Nevada is consistently ranked in the bottom 20% in the nation for public education. Ways we can help improve education is to give options to parents for school choice. This includes scholarship tax credits, vouchers, charter schools, magnet schools, home schooling, inter-district enrollment, and online learning. 


Public Safety: I will oppose any effort by any politician to defund the police. Police should have the funding needed to protect and serve our community.  I stand with law enforcement, and I’m committed to fully funding and enhancing public safety. 

Helping Business: Many business licenses are needed in Nevada. I would like to pass a bill that would allow for city, county, and state licenses to all be due on the same day, using a single system to help accelerate the process and save businesses owner’s time. As well as have a cap on business license pricing.